On being messy

I found myself thinking today, on Good Friday, about what it is to be human. About our giant, messy, overwhelming need for a Savior. I was thinking about how sometimes humanity just isn’t pretty… our emotions, the messes we get ourselves in, the things we do, the pain we feel, the need and suffering we can experience.  As much as we love to put on our fancy suits, go to church and quote scripture without exposing need or hurt, the simple truth is that humanity is messy.
I was trying to decide how Jesus might feel about this. I mean, I know he loves us, but was he bothered by our messiness or our neediness? Did he pity us? Wish that we would clean up our acts and have all of our stuff together all the time? It was then I began to ponder the cross…not the churchy version we see in pictures, but the raw, real version… and two words stuck out to me. Painful and Messy. The way that our savior chose to save us, his messy, pained children, was both painful and messy. What an amazing way to convey that he’s a God who understands the messiness and pain of life and hasn’t left us alone in it.
When I look at the way his painful messy came to an end, what it accomplished… what he did with it… it made me wonder, is there any limit to what he can do with the painful and messy in our lives? Why do we go to such great lengths to hide them, both from one another and from a savior who knows all about them? Hasn’t he shown us what he can do with them? Today, more than any other day, I am so thankful that we serve a God who is both real and living, who’s not afraid of our pain or messiness.
Now, if we can just learn how to free one another in Christ, to reach for all of the things he purchased for us on the cross. When we are so concerned with looking like we have it all together that we can’t express our need, we live without the things we so desperately need, the things he paid the ultimate price for us to have. I plan to enjoy all the things my loving Daddy bought for me on a cross so many years ago, because I need them and because he’s good enough to give them to me, even though I’m not the best of his kids or the one who always has it all together all the time.

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