I am a teacher at heart. I have spent years in a classroom, grading papers, making lesson plans, speaking into malleable hearts and budding geniuses- but mostly I live to learn and share what I’m learning. That’s what this blog is both for and about. It’s a place to share my heart with you, a place to connect with you, a place to share what I’ve learned and what I’m learning. Without a doubt, my favorite moments in the classroom were always the “light bulb” moments- when it was clear that hard work of preparation and sharing paid off. That a student “got it.” It’s the same in life and in this blog. My favorite moments are the “light bulb” moments. The ones where I get it, you get it. Where together we get it and get to talk about it. I love to share our journeys. So welcome. Welcome to the sharing and the learning and the growing.

I am a wife, mom, step-mom, lover of Jesus and proclaimer of the good news that no life is beyond repair.

*One other thing I should mention: These last few years have been hard on me physically. I talk some about it and what it’s showing me along the way. While I wouldn’t have chosen Lyme disease, RA or the immune dysfunction, I am thankful for all of the good fruit that it’s produced in my life. So, don’t cry for me Argentina, God’s been good to me. If you’d like to read more about my battle for health, you can also find me at chronicallywhole.com

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