For the Love of Haitian Moms

On a particularly sick day in early March an application to join Jen Hatmaker’s upcoming book launch team, scrolled across my screen. I hesitated. They would never want me. Plus, what if I slept through all of the super-important deadlines? I scrolled past it, then pushed the home button on my phone and closed my eyes. A few minutes past. Sleep wouldn’t come. Again, I saw the post. This time I decided just to take a little peek at the application, you know, to see how involved it was. Would it require getting up and walking to the office or could this be done on the iPhone? And just like that I applied. And went to sleep.

Here we are, all these months later and my life has been transformed, not only by the words found within “For the Love” but also by the amazing women of the launch team and the beautiful sisterhood that has emerged. You can have that beautiful sisterhood, too- right where you are. Our sisterhood emerged as we took the words of “For the Love” to heart. I believe the same will happen for you. Beautiful friendships will blossom all around you, with the women in your neighborhoods, churches, schools, and families.

One of the chapters that rocked my world and left me never ever the same was “On Calling and Haitian Moms.” Here’s the gist of it: “If it isn’t also true for a poor single Christian mom in Haiti, it isn’t true. Theology is either true everywhere or it isn’t true anywhere.” We all shake our heads to this and uh-huh and amen this like its old news, but we sure as heck don’t live or think like it’s true. I mean sure when it’s finally vacation time and we are all looking and feeling our best we throw our heartwarming family photo up on Facebook with the sunset in the background and a little #blessed for good measure, but if we went to visit poor Christian single mom in Haiti would we throw her picture up on Facebook and call her #blessed? Or would we consider her less #blessed than us because she has less stuff than us? Because isn’t that what being blessed means in America, that you have a lot of stuff? But isn’t poor single Christian mom in Haiti blessed because she is a child of God with air in her lungs, redeemed by the cross? Is this enough for us? When did we stop praising God for this? For the work of the cross?

I’ve been so challenged in my thinking as I consider how the gospel that Jesus brought applies to all of us the same- across gender, culture, race, economic factors, on and on. Does the gospel that I preach do that? If it doesn’t, maybe it’s time I checked my gospel against THE gospel.

And while, yes—I did laugh so hard that I peed my pants a little while reading the chapter on turning forty, that single mom in Haiti has stuck with me. I don’t think she’s going anywhere. She’s widened my horizons and I didn’t even have to do on a short term mission’s trip to find her, just to Amazon. (I pre-ordered extra copies of the book to share. I love it that much) So go, go meet the single mom from Haiti and let your thinking be challenged, pee your pants a little, and watch some beautiful new friendships emerge. Just remember that we are #blessed because of who Jesus is, not because of all that he gave us. (Although I agree the stuff is also awesome) AND also, #dependsarefriends.

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