Get in the Boat

I heard a “joke” as a child. A flood came, and a man was waiting to be saved by God. When the police came to tell him to leave his home, he said, “God will save me.” Again, when the flood waters were overtaking his house and the rescue boat came to save him, he waved them on and said, “God will save me.”  And finally, as he stood on his roof declining the rescue helicopter, he said, “God will save me.” Upon reaching Heaven, the indignant man asked God, “Why didn’t you save me?” God’s response? “Are you kidding me?! I sent you a police officer, a rescue boat, and a helicopter, and you refused them all.”


As the body of Christ, his hands and feet on this earth, we get the joy and honor, the heartbreak and frustration, of being his rescue boat to those who are in rising water. How often do we arrive on the scene just to be told that the individual isn’t ready to leave yet and we should just go on without them? It is gut wrenching.

Not too long ago, it was a homeless woman sleeping outside in the rain. But no matter how often I offered her rescue, she ran from it. I don’t know what chains held her back, but I do know that I laid in bed at night thinking about her sleeping in the rain and silently willing her to just GET IN THE BOAT. How deeply I wished she would just be honest with me. Instead of making up excuse after excuse or standing me up time after time, I wished that she would tell me what she was afraid of. I wished that she would tell me what she was bound by so that I would know what rescue boat to send.

But we’re all so afraid of telling the truth, of really being seen. Even if it costs us our rescue, even if it means drowning, so often we still choose hiding. Can I encourage you today to GET IN THE BOAT? Wherever you have been hiding, resisting rescue in your life for fear of change or judgment because you are bound, can I remind you that God works through his people? When the boat comes this time–GET IN.

God hears your cries. You don’t have to let the waters rise any longer. Take the hand that is outstretched. I know it’s scary. GET IN THE BOAT. You can trust the one who sent it. He won’t let you go. We all need rescue. In God’s kingdom, we’re all the rescued and the rescuer. Take the rescue, so that you can rescue.

Get in the boat. Today.

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