Do you know who you are?

Do you know who you are?

Do you know what you want?

Do you want to live this way?

I was watching a show a few weeks back that was based on these three questions and it got the wheels in my head and heart (yes, my heart has wheels- I’m a woman so everything is complicated like that J ) moving. Do we, as Christians, know who we are? Do we know what we want or who we belong to? I mean, really?

We live in a world that constantly seeks to inform us about these things. This world likes to tell us what’s normal and healthy, what will make us happy, how we should live our lives. But what if this world is lying to us? What if the motives of this world aren’t pure? How will we recognize lies for what they are? If I don’t know who I am or what I’m worth, I will believe anything the world tells me about it. I am supposed to relate to others this or that way? My worth as a woman can be calculated by the number of men who are attracted to me sexually? Oh, okay. So, that’s who I am. I am nothing more than a body, to be shaped to the liking of men who will seek to enjoy it at liberty and I should be content with that, got it.

In Matthew chapter four we read about Jesus being led into the wilderness in order to be tested. Interesting to me, that even the son of God went through a season of intense testing during his life on this earth and yet so many of us believe that we should never have to. What’s important here, is that going into this “wilderness” season of his life, he doesn’t have any questions about who he is or who he belongs to. He knows who he is. He knows what he’s here to do.  His heart and mind are fixed on truth, regardless of what his current circumstances or emotions might be saying to the contrary. I read this chapter many times and walked away perplexed. I couldn’t understand how in the world the devil would think for a moment that Jesus, the son of the living God, would be tempted by these things for a moment. Until one day, it hit me, what if he didn’t remember who he was or who he belonged to? What if all this time in the wilderness began to wear him down? What if this season of isolation and denial of self and unmet longing had opened the door to some doubt? He certainly wasn’t living the life that one might envision the son of the living God living here on earth. I mean, from the start, things hadn’t been that glamorous or easy. These specific temptations were all geared to poke holes in his identity. Are you really the son of God? Prove it. Will your Heavenly Father really provide for your needs? I mean, you’ve been out here hungry a lot of days. Maybe you should just meet this need for yourself. Maybe you’ve been abandoned here. Are you really the son of God? Prove it. Will your Heavenly Father really protect you from injury? Or has he abandoned you? Do you really have the power you’re supposed to have? Are you getting the worship that you deserve? Are you really who you say you are? Does the earth and the fullness there of, really belong to your Father? Maybe not. Worship me, and I will give you all the kingdoms of the world. Um, all the kingdoms of this world already belong to him. This is only tempting if there’s a tiny bit of doubt present. The tiniest question about him really being who he says he is and belonging to the one he says he belongs to. Our enemy’s tricks haven’t changed that much. He’s still trying to convince us that we are worth far less than God says we are. He is still trying to convince us that we aren’t as powerful as we are. He’s still trying to convince us that we aren’t redeemed, that we aren’t loveable. Why? Because he knows that once we understand who we really are, once we know just how big and powerful our Daddy is, once we realize all that we have access to in him, once we realize the depth of his love for us and the lengths that he went to in order to redeem us, there’s no stopping us.

When we don’t know who we are, we are susceptible to suggestion, to penetration from the enemy. We are sons and daughters of the most high king, but if we don’t know that, it becomes irrelevant. We can be convinced that we are nothing more than a throw away failure with no purpose or worth and live our entire lives that way. How tragic.

So I ask you: Do you know who you are?

Do you know who you belong to?

Do you know what you’re here to do?

Do you know how valuable you are? How far he went to ransom you?

Are you living like it?

A few months back I was processing a sort of messy, emotional situation. Late at night I came out into the living room and told Ryan that my heart hurt and I couldn’t sleep but couldn’t locate the source of the pain. We talked late into the night. As I heard these words come out of my mouth, I knew I’d found the root. “It feels like the chapters of my life are so separated from one another. So divided. I feel like I don’t know who I belong to or how to tie the various seasons and people all together. These relationships are messy. I don’t know where my loyalties should lie” Even before I could finish getting the words out of my mouth the Lord began to show me pieces of fabric with ragged edges, ripped apart, in various shapes and colors. And then he began to sew them together. And as he did, he said “I am the seam that brings the pieces of your life together.” The finished product was a beautiful quilt. And then one line of a song I couldn’t fully remember floated across my mind. “Forever, I belong to you.” And he said, “You belong to me, forever, you belong to me. Your loyalties lie with me” And so, my heart was moved and my eyes were filled as I meditated on all that it meant to belong to him. Like a blind man, who was given eyes to see for the first time I saw the fullness of what I had access to because I belonged to him. I saw the acceptance, the grace, the love, the identity, the purpose, the provision, the joy, the peace, the victory- all available to me because I belong to him.

I have good news for you friends, you belong to him. And all that he has to offer is yours for the taking. There is a reason that you are here. There is a God that loves you and sent his only son to the cross in order that he might rescue and win your heart for himself. You aren’t who this world or your circumstance or your emotions say you are. You are a son or daughter of the most high God. You don’t have to prove it to anyone and no one can take it away from you. Are you living in the fullness of that? Do you know who you are? Do you know who you belong to? Do you know what you are here to do? If you don’t, you can. Don’t ask the world. Ask the one who created you, the one who loves you more than your mind can ever understand or you heart can ever contain. Ask today. Don’t live another day as less than you are.

Lord Jesus, what an honor to be called your son and daughter. What insane, beautiful, ridiculous, love you have lavished upon us. Help us to see, give us eyes to see- who we are, the greatness of your love for us, all that we have available to us through you, all that you have called us and empowered us to do. Don’t let us believe the lies of the enemy and live as less than we are for another minute. Free us to live in the fullness of all that you have for us. We love you. In Jesus name, Amen.

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